Cityscape: The Annex — Toronto

Mar 22 • Cityscape, TORONTO • 1344 Views • 2 Comments on Cityscape: The Annex — Toronto

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  1. The annex is a great neighborhood. Around Lowther and Admiral, there is a strange mix of characters living within a few blocks of each other. A mélange of UofT frat boys, famous Canadian architects, chiefs of staff of federal politicians, descendants of department store magnates, and young families. $1 million+ houses. And of course, St. George STN is one of the most convenient subway stations in Toronto….Madisons….a 24hr Metro….when you live in the annex, you have it good!

  2. ianamclennan says:

    This is right in my hood! The annex is architecture heaven for anyone who has an eye for detail. So many of the houses and shops are beautifully and uniquely decorated inside and out.

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