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This article is a sequel to the piece entitled “The Vroom Model

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The city of Dubai is associated with plushness of all kinds. This penchant for luxury living, as well as the preconceived convention of developing properties in the region as ‘Cities’, led to the realization of MotorCity. If you enjoy a luxury lifestyle, take a look at Jettly next time you travel, to see how you can upgrade your in-flight experience.

MotorCity in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is an urban development designed as a ‘themed’ neighbourhood. Aimed to be a neighbourhood, it functions more as a deliberate ‘city’. Its scale helps emphasize its vastness. The development houses thoughtfully attributed facilities, well within its realm. Although MotorCity is still in process of being fully developed, residents who address their homes here find minimal need to step out of their very own ‘city’, which they call “MC”.

Established when community living was evolving into contemporary scenario, MotorCity lay a stepping stone in making everything available at the doorstep. Despite being struck by the Global Economic Crisis, the development gave people the benefit of ease, and continues to do so. It comprises of zones broadly classified and dedicated for housing and office spaces. The specialty however is that MotorCity relies strongly on its governing theme, i.e., the Automobile. Following this, the design accommodates for prime zones for a Motorsports Centre and a Formula1 theme park. Although the latter is yet to hit the completion milestone, both of them are widely popular in the precinct of Dubai. Point of appreciation is the persistence of this theme in not just spatial analogy, but also in keeping up with the way of life for its users. If Dubai is not a destination you feel you would love, many people have raved about Cleveland Ohio in America. Recommending it as an idyllic and unique location and have suggested some suitable accommodation which has proven popular by many. There are loads of apartments for rent in Cleveland Ohio which offer a vast range of apartments to cater to many needs and may prove handy when looking for ideal accommodation.

The principle feature of MotorCity, setting it apart from its counterparts is the execution of merging the automobile-theme into community living, by means of architectural articulation. Considering the fast paced lives of present day, people often seek time-saving options, adding on to ease and comfort. MotorCity addresses this by defining a lifestyle altogether – The Vroom Lifestyle. The availability of sources for day-to-day living, recreation and entertainment included, all housed within the campus of MotorCity is only testament to the fast-paced ‘vrooming’ lifestyle of man.

Incorporating effective design principles has resulted in the overall effective design of the campus – space planning as well as building design. This is only directly proportionate to yielding comfort infused atmosphere for the users. Considerations of contextual factors at micro as well as macro levels have made for appreciable living conditions at MotorCity. It is believed to be one of the best landscaped communities in Dubai. Landforms and green cover that are spread across the campus aide in keeping the otherwise hot climate cool, locally. Parks provide play areas for children and relaxing nooks for the elderly. The existence of Motorsports Centre and Formula1 theme park draw crowds in large numbers, especially youth during weekends, who consider MotorCity one of their ‘go-to’ places. The multi-activity characteristic of MotorCity also has a negative consequence to it – great levels of noise. The design however, addressing the concern shuts out most of the noise, by the use of double glazing across all glazed partitions throughout the development. Such aspects help in the efficiency of design of the spaces, aiding in functional efficacy.

Park View ( (

Park View (

Abiding by the trends of contemporary community living, MotorCity inculcates within its very many facilities several coffee shops, restaurants, supermarket; services including beauty salons, chemists, medical clinics and the like. It also provides for children specific areas ranging from nursery schools, indoor play centres, and wide spread parks. Other recreation facilities include polo club and golf club; aside from the chief thematic facilities at the Motorsports Centre and Formula1 themed park.

Beaufort Park (

Beaufort Park (

Conventional belief suggests there is no time for anything – recreation, relaxation, entertainment etc. Contrary to this, the users of MotorCity, who are thriving on their vrooming lifestyle, engage commonly in community activities like Weekly Ladies Morning Coffee, Group Fitness Activities, Children’s Playdates, Community Festival Celebrations. Design of the neighbourhood – MotorCity – on terms of community living provides for ‘time for everything’; The Vroom Model, thus redefining The Vroom Lifestyle!

Yuha Scarselli is an architect and interior designer from India, living in Dubai

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