Montréal’s Ephemeral Village appropriates underutilized spaces

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Since June 20, the Association du design urbain du Québec (Quebec Association of Urban Design – ADUQ ) has been showcasing its second annual Ephemeral Village adjacent to Montreal’s Jacques Cartier Bridge. The Ephemeral Village seeks to appropriate the undervalued urban spaces of Montreal by erecting temporary new spaces. The event endeavours to provide solutions for how cities can better utilize space and urban design.


This year’s theme is “Boardwalk”, where pavilions line a promenade along the edge of the St. Lawrence River. There are also food trucks, a beer garden and a beach filled with activities. The various pavilions were built by a collective of designers selected from a competition launched on April 10.


The idea behind the Ephemeral Village came from the ADUQ’s desire to celebrate urban spaces emblematic of the province of Québec. Designers with the will to appropriate parts of the city joined in, collectively selecting a place that had potential, but was being underutilized. By shedding light on such lesser known spaces, the event seeks to make them accessible, visible and vibrant. The Ephemeral Village is the creation of a new experience that might hopefully spur politicians and relevant stakeholders into action.


This year’s location is the Pied- du-Courant, a no-man’s land of cargo containers, asphalt and railway tracks just east of downtown Montreal.  The area was chosen because it’s one of the rare places in Montreal where the city centre can be seen from the banks of the St.Lawrence River, yet there is no clear access to get there.  The Ephemeral Village is open until August 16.


Participating Designers:

Soft Hills by Pete & Vegas

La Chapelle by Atelier MAP

Bing Bong by La Fourchette

Les jerseys by Guy Architecte

Balcon vers la ville by l’ABRI

La Transat by Collectif Le Banc

La longue chaise longue by M5a

La dérive urbaine by Les Gamines

Vent by Francisco Campillo et Erika De la Barra

Observatoire by Guillaume Noiseux et Ilya Lipov

Q-’D’SAK by Gilles Hanicot, Olivier Philippe, Architectes Paysagistes

Prêtre pas d’prêtre, ON Y VA! by Alexandre Guilbeault, Patrick Ma et Jean-Daniel Mercier

Courant d’air by Jean-Christophe Léger et Ève Beaumont-Cousineau

Les Sacs Bleus by Xavier Laurin et Alexandre Horky

La terasse de rêve de JP by Jeunes&Jolis

Perspectographe by Atelier BRUT

Le Banc à Images by Conscience Urbaine

Fine épicerie by Louisa Manceau et Miara Rasolondraibe

La Mairie by Thomas Combes

Le Patch by STEAK

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