Can One Project Transform a City’s Massing?

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How DDIR hopes their exploratory Riopelle project for Montreal will encourage a stronger relationship between that city’s central green space and the St. Lawrence River.


By Farahdeen Khan…


The Riopelle is purely a design exercise for a tall skyscraper. Designed to be the tallest building in downtown, Montreal, Canada. At the moment the 1000 De La Gauchetiere is the taller one. The proposed building stands at 300 metres high and has 75 stories of 4 metres each with a total floor area of 172,500m2. The subject of this Tower is not to “contrast” with the view of Mount Royal, currently building height is limited at 200 metres in Montreal, but to enhance and complete the building massing built in downtown Montreal for the last 5 decades so that the city’s central green space and the vacuum/void of the Fleuve Saint Laurent find their balance in a close dialogue, therefore proposing a comprehensible city massing in harmony with the Greater Landscape.


The Tower is proposed on a small site adjacent to the “Place Riopelle” next to the “Palais des Congres” and takes the shape of a cylindrical building of 75 floors enclosed by a thick skin including the glazing and the terraces. The building is divided into 4 zones; cafes and restaurants at the ground floor, parking in the first part of the mass, offices providing 360-degree views in the second part and residential in the superior part of the cylinder.


The façade is a thick layer of opaque and transparent materials providing terraces for the residents. This will work as uniform façade giving its very solidity and character to the project and this unique feature will work as heat absorption.

Design Team:

DominicDubé,Varsha V Kumar,DDIR Architecture Studio , Bangalore, IndiaLaxman Patel, architect, Toronto, Canada

Eder Sanchez Perez, Spain

Sylvain Dube , Collaborator, Montreal, Canada

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