v2com Shows Its True Colours

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v2com, the international design, architecture and lifestyle newswire, chose June 5, the UN’s World Environment Day, as the launch date of their new promotional campaign. Underpinning this campaign are three core values that are dear to the company:


Building a better world – v2com believes that design and architecture are noble, useful areas of expertise that can help improve people’s quality of life while protecting our planet. Sustainable development and respect for the environment are core personal and professional concerns for every member of their team. They proudly support humanitarian causes, non-profit organizations and foundations working toward a sustainable future. v2com is taking this opportunity to invite environmental organizations connected to the architecture and design fields to approach them with partnership proposals.


Emotion, beyond the tangible – The team members at v2com all have tremendous enthusiasm for their work, and a deep passion for the design, architecture and lifestyle fields.


Transparency, the most beautiful colour of all – Loyalty and integrity are fundamental to the way v2com does business. The company invests in honest, transparent communication among colleagues and with clients, media and partners. The company supports freedom of expression, the sharing of opinions and the negotiation of ideas in an open, trusting environment. Giving clients the respect and transparency they deserve leads to solid relationships, consistently high quality work and the best possible results.


As part of the press release, co-founder Julie Payette says that  “v2com is growing rapidly around the world, and it became more and more important for us to spell out our values to ensure that we would keep going in the right direction.”


All three values will be reflected in three different visual themes, one for each month of the summer, with an exclusive offer related to each value announced in July and August. For this morth of June, v2com goes green.


Every project or product that distinguishes itself in a significant way through its sustainable, environment-friendly character will receive a 10% discount on a distribution package. This offer is permanent.


For a limited time, from June 5 to July 5 2015, the discount will be 30%. Learn more.


This summer, follow v2com as they reveal their true colours, one month at a time.

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