v2com Values Emotion, Beyond The Tangible

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v2com, the international design, architecture and lifestyle newswire, is continuing its 3-month promotional campaign. Underpinning this campaign are three core values that are dear to the company: Building a better world, Emotion beyond the tangible and Transparency, the most beautiful colour of all.


July is v2com’s time to celebrate Emotion, beyond the tangible.

For v2com, design is more than utilitas, firmitas, and venustas. The individual and collective improvement of users’ well-being is enhanced by high-quality objects and spaces which serve as true channels for transmitting sensory and emotional experiences. Their ambition: to be an extension of that channel by transmitting to the media, using words and images, all the emotion and inspiration embodied in creations from around the world.


“We are always looking for projects that excite us, whether through multiple cultural influences, poetry, light, the texture of the materials used, magical imagery, innovation or originality,” says v2com co-founder Julie Payette.


They take pride in having a deep personal interest in the results of their clients’ promotional campaigns, the relevance of their clients’ news and the effectiveness of the newswire for journalists.  That is why they explore new approaches and tools, and are always working to improve the quality of their media network. In addition, they cherish the connections they make and take a multi-dimensional approach to customer service.


“Behind our digital face, we are human beings, and we try to be generous and cordial in the way we approach and work with our clients, partners and the media,” says communications project manager Pénélope Fortin.


That spirit of hospitality and well-being will set the tone for the company’s special offer for the month of July, in celebration of this second company value. From July 5 to August 5, v2com will offer a 30% discount for any project or product related to lifestyle: hotels, restaurants, fashion, health and wellness.


This summer, follow v2com as they reveal their true colours, one month at a time.

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