v2com Values Transparency. The Most Beautiful Colour Of All

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v2com, the international design, architecture and lifestyle newswire, is continuing its 3-month promotional campaign. Underpinning this campaign are three core values that are dear to the company: Building a better world, Emotion beyond the tangible and Transparency, the most beautiful colour of all.


August is v2com’s time to celebrate Transparency, the most beautiful colour of all.


By investing in honest, transparent communications with colleagues, clients, media and partners, v2com put lovalty and integrity at the forefront of their business. The team supports freedom of expression, the sharing of opinions and the discussion of ideas in an open, trusting environment.


“We take ownership of our strengths and our flaws, both as individuals and as a company. We are always working to improve ourselves and give our very best, while considering each individual’s personal and professional abilities and ambitions,” explains v2com co-founder Julie Payette. The company highlights and combines the qualities and strengths of its team members in order to create a dynamic, evolving whole rather than keeping people in rigidly defined, unchanging roles.


At v2com, cooperation and communication are integral parts of how they work every day. They reject a hierarchical approach, preferring to encourage free expression and the completely open, judgment-free sharing of ideas. The team believes that a free and honest workplace helps the best ideas thrive and evolve.


That same vision guides each individual team member’s work with clients, media and partners. At v2com, they are convinced that dealing with clients in an open, respectful and transparent manner makes it possible to build solid, long-term relationships, provide consistent high-quality service and deliver the best possible results.


To highlight this third company value and conclude the summer campaign, v2com is announcing its third promotion:

30% discount for any project or product that features prominent use of transparency, translucency and the creative use of light, valid from August 5 to September 5, 2015.

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