What We Expect from Lighting is Evolving

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Jean-Claude Calabro, president of LumiGroup, on the evolution of lighting, its role in corporate branding and what people will be looking for in 2016.


1.What role does lighting play in the branding of a company in 2015?

Lighting says everything about a company’s creativity, about its brand, about its quality; it determines how you feel when you walk in a building. It creates an effect in your space, an emotion. Lighting is an experience…

Lighting can create an environment conducive to negotiating, an environment that sparks creativity, enhances relaxation; an environment for entertainment, or an environment that promotes sales and productivity. It can motivate, or stress and depress.

There are only a few businesses that are ultra-successful in the world. And only a few businesses attach adequate importance to lighting.

For a retailer, lighting is everything. Take a spa for example. Many details go into creating the mood. Lighting is a key element! Same thing for an office, where we spend 7-10 hours a day, it must be adapted to the needs of the staff. It must be looked at in mathematical terms of energy efficiency and output, but also for its potential in eliciting the right ambiance.


2.How have lighting manufacturers evolved over the last 5 years and how has LumiGroup benefited from this?

Right now there is a revolution taking place in the world of lighting and in how we consume energy. We need to relearn everything, just like the pivotal moment in 1800 when Humphrey Davy produced the world’s first electric lamp by connecting voltaic piles to charcoal electrodes.

Technology is evolving in such a way that it allows us to reduce energy consumption and heat, and improve the lifespan of products. There is more importance on control, and more online controls of products. Manufacturers are re-thinking how lighting should be used & controlled in each environment.

It is not easy because there is the paradigm of old technologies that for the last 20 years has shaped our thinking. But it’s exciting to see the lighting revolution take place. There are infinite possibilities of new creative ways of doing things, which is what LumiGroup has always been about. Our priority has been to find and specialize in the newest trends in both style and technology, which is proving to be very rewarding today.


3.How have client tastes changed in 2015 and what do you see being more in demand in 2016?

Designers, architects and engineers have always been at the forefront of new technologies. For the most part, they are well prepared to respond to today’s clients regarding:

•New technologies

When meeting with clients, designers, architects and engineers are noticing an increase in discussion regarding the importance of ambiance and mood. This is combined with a heightened awareness and desire to decrease energy consumption using environmentally friendly products.


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