1.     Is the site geared only towards architects, design professionals and architecture students?

No. The site is for anyone who is interested in architecture and their built environment. Most of the visitors to the site are architects and other design professionals, but also travelers, bloggers, writers and students. The majority of our audience is based in Canada and the United States, and are between the ages of 25 and 44.   Our hope is that people see how valuable architects are to society and the impact that architects in Canada have made, and are making, at home and across the globe.


  1.     Can I contribute photographs or articles to sixty7 Architecture Road?

Definitely. We’re always looking for photographs and people who can write. Send us an email to discuss attribution.  info [at] sixty7architectureroad dot ca


  1.     If I have a question about a building, an urban space or a project that I saw in my city, can you answer it for me?

We try to answer all of your questions. We receive many questions from people who are curious about their built environment and want to know information about it. You can also ask the question as a comment for other people to answer, including us.


  1.     I work for an architectural firm. Is it possible to have an article written about our firm or about some of our projects, and how much does it cost?

An article about your practice or projects can be written at no cost.


  1.     Why doesn’t the site have a list of architectural books, competitions, schools, building products, and events like on other architecture sites?

This is not an architecture site only for architects and architecture students. We try to avoid creating an echo chamber of “architects talking to other architects”  that you find on other sites. This site is for anyone who is interested in architecture, and of course, interested in Canada. We may review books, discuss events, or describe products, however it depends on the interest of the audience.


  1.     Do you only focus on well known architects and large firms?

Absolutely not. We embrace featuring architects and firms that aren’t well known. To do otherwise would be elitist.


  1.     Do you cover the latest architecture news?

We try to avoid the trap of constantly featuring the new(s).  We try not to cover too much of “the new addition to the ABC Museum by [fill in the blank star architect] in [fill in the blank random mid-size European city]”. There are plenty of other architecture sites that are masters at that. We want to encourage people to continually experience architecture and their built environment as a whole, which consists of the very old and the very new.


  1.     Why do you put so much emphasis on completed projects?

We try not to focus too much on renderings, especially of projects that are years from completion. The best way to experience architecture is to visit projects personally. For that, you need the project to be completed. No point admiring renderings that may or may not turn out to be as rendered. At times, renderings do serve a purpose for depicting the possibilities of a site and its desired future.


  1.     My architecture firm is not based in Canada, can I still have projects featured on the site?

Even if your firm is not based in Canada, if it has completed projects in Canada, it can be featured on the site. There are still many ways you can participate.


  1.      How can I advertise on sixty7 Architecture Road?

Send us an email at for further information.   info [at] sixty7architectureroad dot ca



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