• Handcrafted sculpture designed by Canadian designer Wei Yew

    Moriyama RAIC International Prize deadline: August 1, 2014

    Jul 29 • 24 Views • No Comments

    The deadline to submit for the Moriyama RAIC International Prize is fast approaching!   Firms must submit their projects before AUGUST 1 to ensure it is eligible for consideration by the jury. The prize of CAD $100,000 will be awarded every two years and...

  • Cactus Montréal by Rayside Labossière

    (Re)investing in the Community: Rayside Labossière

    Jul 6 • 152 Views • No Comments

    By Phil Roberts…   With social responsibility as their core value, the firm of Rayside Labossière practices what it believes – in the office and in the neighbourhoods of Montreal. Its founder, Ron Rayside, was one of four associates of a firm...

  • Le Phénix in Eastern Townships, Québec by Thellend Fortin Architectes

    Learning from Spain: Thellend Fortin Architectes

    Jul 4 • 113 Views • No Comments

    By Phil Roberts…   We’re all acquainted with the cliché of young North Americans backpacking through Europe, getting a sense of themselves and the world around them. For architects Louis Thellend and Lisa-Marie Fortin, their European period of...



  • SkyTrain in Vancouver

    Increasing Urban Mobility

    Jan 27 • 281 Views • No Comments

    Glenn Miller,  Vice President, Education & Research at the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI), shares what cities need to do to improve urban mobility.   1. What are the best practices for improving the urban connectivity of cities?  One bright spot...

  • 9890433096_e207226008_b

    Q+A: What does the design and layout of an airport reveal about a...

    Nov 17 • 425 Views • No Comments

        Michael McDonald is a Senior Principal with Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd. Awarded the National Professional Fraternity for Architecture and Allied Arts’ Alpha Rho Chi medal for leadership, Michael is recognized for...

  • Union Station

    Q+A: Are train stations of the 21st century ‘high tech’?

    Oct 11 • 517 Views • No Comments

      Two individuals, from slightly different professional backgrounds, and from different parts of Canada, give answers to our question of the week.    Tarek El-Khatib is a senior partner at Zeidler Partnership Architects and a fellow of the Royal...

  • Bessarion

    The Toronto subway station few people know about

    Jul 6 • 483 Views • No Comments

    In this short documentary, TTC Enthusiast and Urban Explorer Jeremy Woodcock travels to Bessarion Station, the least used Subway Station on the Toronto Transit Map, to find out if it really does exist and why it would be built in the first place.   This...


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Vancouver Vancouver

Zacatitos 03 -- Los Zacatitos, Mexico by Campos Leckie Studio

Palettes of Discovery: Campos Leckie Studio

Jun 10 • 257 Views • 2 Comments

We asked Michael Leckie, one of the principals of Vancouver-based Campos Leckie Studio, about the importance of discovery in design and the textural differences between...

Toronto Toronto

Photo Credit: Colin Faulkner. Source: v2com.biz

Pool House — Toronto

Jul 24 • 50 Views • No Comments

Architect: +tongtong (project started at 3rd Uncle Design) /// Completion: ...

Calgary Calgary

The transformation of the University of Toronto's Knox College into the new home of the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture,Landscape and Design. Structural Engineer Consultant: Entuitive;Design Architect: NADAAA Inc;Executive Architect: Adamson and Associates;Heritage Architect: E.R.A. Architects Inc.  (Source: NADAAA)

The design intuition @ Entuitive

Feb 18 • 715 Views • No Comments

By Phil Roberts… Building strong relationships with the architects that they work with is vital for Entuitive, the young Calgary and Toronto-based consulting...


Photo Credit: Stéphane Brugger. Source: v2com.biz

Allez-Up — Montréal

Jul 26 • 30 Views • No Comments

Architect: Smith Vigeant Architects  /// Completion: ...

Atlantic Canada Atlantic Canada

Woodford Sheppard Architecture

Leveraging a tidal change: Woodford Sheppard Architecture

Jun 3 • 258 Views • No Comments

By Phil Roberts…   As the first new architectural practice to have opened in Newfoundland in ten years, Woodford Sheppard Architecture is benefiting from the...

Ottawa Ottawa

Photo Credit:  Steven Evans. Source: v2com.biz

Canadian Firefighters Memorial — Ottawa

Nov 21 • 326 Views • No Comments

Architect: PLANT Architect Inc. in collaboration with Douglas Coupland /// Completion: 2012  ...

Edmonton Edmonton

Edmonton and the North Saskatchewan River. (Source: Some rights reserved by mastermaq)

Close to Nature vs. the Natural City

Oct 17 • 799 Views • 3 Comments

  By Deidre Miller… Close To Nature There was a time not so long ago when people who were concerned with conservation and environmentalism almost...

Victoria Victoria

West 21st in Vancouver. (Courtesy: Lucas Finlay)

It’s their house, not ours: Frits de Vries Architect Ltd.

Apr 11 • 243 Views • No Comments

By Phil Roberts…   The Vancouver-based firm Frits de Vries Architect Ltd.(FdVA) designs contemporary homes in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, that are...

Winnipeg Winnipeg

2014 A+DFF Poster

2014 Architecture+Design Film Festival

Apr 14 • 213 Views • No Comments

By Phil Roberts…   It seems obvious that one of the ways to translate the beauty and spatial experience of great architecture would be through film, yet...

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