Calgary Calgary

Centre Street Church in Calgary by Transept Architecture Inc.

Q+A: Is a church just a building, or is it something more?

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A designer & an architect give answers to our question of the week.   Kelly Janz of Transept Architecture is a Western Canadian designer helping faith...

River Boulevard in Calgary by SPECTACLE Bureau for Architecture and Urbanism Inc.

Balancing substance and image: SPECTACLE Bureau for Architecture and Urbanism Inc.

Calgary-based SPECTACLE Bureau for Architecture and Urbanism Inc. founding partner Philip Vandermey on the economy, the environment and our...

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Maison Terrebonne in Terrebonne, Québec by la SHED architecture

Maison Terrebonne

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Architect: La SHED Completion: 2014 Project Type: Home renovation  ...

Mètre CUBE in Montréal by APPAREIL architecture

Mètre CUBE — Montréal

Architect: APPAREIL architecture Completion: 2015 Read the article about APPAREIL architecture...

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Vancouver Vancouver

Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique by Nathan Nardin

Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutiques

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Architect: Nathan Nardin at Tuxedo Completion: ...

Gulf Islands House by AA Robins Architect

What Happens When You Love Your Job

By Phil Roberts… . Even with all the innovation that surrounds us meant to facilitate our lives and save time, there are still not...

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Toronto Toronto

MMPR Facility by Cherie Ng

How Design Influences The Pharmaceutical Industry

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Architect Cherie Ng on the role of design in the pharmaceutical industry and  the creation of cannabinoid medicine facilities. . 1. As an architect, what expertise do...

222 Jarvis Street in Toronto renovation by WZMH Architects

Why Heritage Preservation Of Newer Buildings Matters

By Phil Roberts… . . When we think about preserving our architectural heritage, we often overlook buildings...

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Atlantic Canada Atlantic Canada

Urban Perspectives Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning

5 Most Common Misconceptions about Landscape Architecture

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Stephen Cushing of Halifax-based Urban Perspectives on the 5 most common misconceptions about landscape architecture.   1. Landscape design is not for decoration-...

Fogo Island Inn in Fogo Island, Newfoundland by Saunders Architecture

Fogo Island Inn

Back in August, we published an article on Saunders Architecture. One of their projects is the Fogo Island Inn in Joe Batt’s Arm...

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Ottawa Ottawa

Wakefield House in Ottawa by John Donkin Architect

Cultivating an appetite for architecture: John Donkin Architect

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By Phil Roberts…   Failure precedes success. And sometime the failures are many, making the successes even sweeter. After realizing that he wasn’t going to...

THE HINTONBURG S I X byColizza Bruni Architecture in Ottawa

Ottawa Architecture Week adds to our national captial’s growing creative culture

By Phil Roberts…   Unlike some national capitals, Ottawa isn’t a network of broad, processional avenues...

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True North True North

Transitional Women’s Living Unit in Whitehorse, Yukon by Kobayashi + Zedda Architects Ltd

Respectfully transforming the North: Kobayashi + Zedda Architects

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Jack Kobayashi of Whitehorse-based Kobayashi + Zedda Architects Ltd on working with First Nations communities and how Yukon’s changing demographics are influencing...

Arctic Live/Work. Design proposal of a new type of work/live housing unit for Arctic communities in Nunavut, Canada. (Courtesy: takes design by crowdsourcing to a global level

We asked Leon Lai, one of two Canadian members in the global design collective, to talk about how design by democratic...

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Prairies Prairies

Palais des Congres - Montreal

Six Canadian centres on the Intelligent Community Forum’s 2014 Smart21

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Canada has more Intelligent Communities than any other nation. Over the past 16 years, 21 Canadian communities have received this designation from the Intelligent...

Edmond J. Safra Family Lodge6

The Team that can–MOGA!

Based in Red Deer, Alberta, and active in both Edmonton and Calgary, M O George, Architect ( MOGA) provides design...

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Edmonton Edmonton

Surrey Central Library

Can Surrey be the model city of the 21st century?

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Surrey, Edmonton and Sherbrooke are the three Canadian cities on the Intelligent Community Forum’s Smart21 Communities of 2015. They’re all creating a pattern of...


Némeau in Lévis, Québec by Jean de Lessard, creative designers

Némeau — Lévis, Québec

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Interior designer: Jean de Lessard, Designers Créatifs Completion: 2015 Project Type: Retail    ...

Lausanne House renovation in Québec City by Hatem+D Architecture

Lausanne House — Québec City

Architect: Hatem+D Architecture Project type: House renovation...

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Victoria Victoria

West 21st in Vancouver. (Courtesy: Lucas Finlay)

It’s their house, not ours: Frits de Vries Architect Ltd.

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By Phil Roberts…   The Vancouver-based firm Frits de Vries Architect Ltd.(FdVA) designs contemporary homes in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, that are...

Cityscape: Victoria

Cityscape: Victoria


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Winnipeg Winnipeg

Warming Hut in Winnipeg by Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited

Warming Hut — Winnipeg

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Architect: Weiss Architecture and Urbanism Limited Design Team: Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited – Kevin Weiss, Principal; Sophie Tremblay, Project...


Antoine Predock discusses the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Architect Antoine Predock discusses his inspiration for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, set to open in Winnipeg...

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