• SkyTrain in Vancouver

    Increasing Urban Mobility

    Jan 27 • 494 Views • No Comments

    Glenn Miller,  Vice President, Education & Research at the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI), shares what cities need to do to improve urban mobility.   1. What are the best practices for improving the urban connectivity of cities?  One bright spot...

  • 9890433096_e207226008_b

    Q+A: What does the design and layout of an airport reveal about a...

    Nov 17 • 652 Views • No Comments

        Michael McDonald is a Senior Principal with Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd. Awarded the National Professional Fraternity for Architecture and Allied Arts’ Alpha Rho Chi medal for leadership, Michael is recognized for...

  • Union Station

    Q+A: Are train stations of the 21st century ‘high tech’?

    Oct 11 • 742 Views • No Comments

      Two individuals, from slightly different professional backgrounds, and from different parts of Canada, give answers to our question of the week.    Tarek El-Khatib is a senior partner at Zeidler Partnership Architects and a fellow of the Royal...

  • Bessarion

    The Toronto subway station few people know about

    Jul 6 • 719 Views • No Comments

    In this short documentary, TTC Enthusiast and Urban Explorer Jeremy Woodcock travels to Bessarion Station, the least used Subway Station on the Toronto Transit Map, to find out if it really does exist and why it would be built in the first place.   This...


Video Video

Vancouver Vancouver

Man Cave in Kelowna BC by D'Arcy Jones Architecture Inc.

Small is beautiful: D’Arcy Jones Architecture Inc

Oct 28 • 34 Views • No Comments

Architect D’arcy Jones on daily life from the perspective of small projects, prefabricated cabins and the picturesque site of 24 Sussex Drive.   1. Describe...

Toronto Toronto

Fez River Project in Fez, Morocco by Aziza Chaouni Projects

Making better places and spaces: Aziza Chaouni Projects

Aug 4 • 322 Views • No Comments

With offices in Fez and Toronto, Aziza Chaouni Projects (ACP) is a multidisciplinary firm that works with NGOs and government organizations to improve the built...

Calgary Calgary

Centre Street Church in Calgary by Transept Architecture Inc.

Q+A: Is a church just a building, or is it something more?

Sep 25 • 128 Views • No Comments

A designer & a architect give answers to our question of the week.   Kelly Janz of Transept Architecture is a Western Canadian designer helping faith...


ICEBERG in Montréal. An installation by ATOMIC3, Les Ateliers Numériques and APPAREIL architecture

A workshop of Nordic inspiration: APPAREIL architecture

Oct 9 • 85 Views • No Comments

By Phil Roberts…   When many people around the world think of one word to define Canada, that word is usually cold. It’s not cold all the time, but it can get...

Atlantic Canada Atlantic Canada

Fogo Island Inn in Fogo Island, Newfoundland by Saunders Architecture

Fogo Island Inn

Oct 30 • 23 Views • No Comments

Back in August, we published an article on Saunders Architecture. One of their projects is the Fogo Island Inn in Joe Batt’s Arm Newfoundland. Below is a video...

Ottawa Ottawa

Wakefield House in Ottawa by John Donkin Architect

Cultivating an appetite for architecture: John Donkin Architect

Oct 6 • 85 Views • No Comments

By Phil Roberts…   Failure precedes success. And sometime the failures are many, making the successes even sweeter. After realizing that he wasn’t going to...

Edmonton Edmonton

Edmonton and the North Saskatchewan River. (Source: Some rights reserved by mastermaq)

Close to Nature vs. the Natural City

Oct 17 • 1003 Views • 3 Comments

  By Deidre Miller… Close To Nature There was a time not so long ago when people who were concerned with conservation and environmentalism almost...

Victoria Victoria

West 21st in Vancouver. (Courtesy: Lucas Finlay)

It’s their house, not ours: Frits de Vries Architect Ltd.

Apr 11 • 420 Views • No Comments

By Phil Roberts…   The Vancouver-based firm Frits de Vries Architect Ltd.(FdVA) designs contemporary homes in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, that are...

Winnipeg Winnipeg


Antoine Predock discusses the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Aug 31 • 159 Views • No Comments

Architect Antoine Predock discusses his inspiration for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, set to open in Winnipeg in September 2014. (Source: CANADA Explore )...