Write For Us

We often accept submissions from talent writers who specialize in architecture, interior design, urban planning, landscape architecture and other related disciplines. Some of our contributors were people just like yourself, with an idea and the willingness to see it published.


You don’t have to live in Canada nor does your submission have to be related to Canada. It just has to be relevant to architecture and the built environment in a thought provoking way.


Submission Guidelines:

1 – Send a 400-word critique of New York’s Times Square.

2 – Indicate your idea for a submission.

3 – Tell us one way you could make sixty7 Architecture Road better.

4 – Indicate your rate.

5 – Include 3 links to your published work, if you can. Never been published? No problem, you can still submit. You never know what could happen…


Send the above information to info [at] sixty7architectureroad.ca


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